Ch. 37 Mikan’s Diary 6

Stardate: 1366.16
Dear Diary,
It has been almost a week since we arrived at this alien spaceport, and Lala, Momo, and Nana had all left for Deviluke. The rest of us have been spending our time maintaining the starship Astroboy.Since our arrival, there have been many upgrades to the ship. It now has a better warp drive, so we could travel to neighboring stars in half the time as before.
Only Zastin managed to come back, and he brought some unsettling news. It seems that some of the girls’ suitors—not just Lala’s—had been waiting for their return. To make things worse, the devil king had left the planet to deal with other matters, so the three sisters have been preoccupied with entertaining the guests and maintain the empire’s aura of authority. I help but feel sorry for the girls. It must be terrible to have so many responsibilities foisted upon them. I can’t believe the Deviluke king would be so irresponsible!

Zastin said that it would take a long time before the girls came back. He told us that we should go sightseeing on our own. None of us really wanted to go anywhere without the sisters, so all of our plans to tour the other star systems have been scrapped. Instead we settled for day trips out to the neighboring planets and moons.  It’s still quite the experience to travel around so many Alien worlds. The home star is a blue supergiant many times bigger than our own Sun. Lunatique-Sensei tells us how its core is layered like an onion with lighter material like hydrogen on the outer layer and heavier elements on the inner layer. One day, the fuel inside the core would run out, and the star would explode in what’s know as a supernova. Luckily, said Lunatique-sensei, that wouldn’t happen for another billion years, so I think we’re safe.
I am learning so much stuff from going on this trip! Every day, I follow Yami around the ship, and listen to her talk about the intricate components that make the Astroboy work.

Yami is filling in for Lala-San as Chief Engineer. As the other designer of the ship, she was the most qualified for the job. Meanwhile, there has been a great shift in everybody’s stations, as we are trying to fill in for Lala, Momo, and Nana. Mea is now the new pilot, and she is teaching Sawada-san how to be the new Navigator. Also, Kotegwa-San and Momikawa-san are now our newest security officers. Every day, I see them training with Zastin.

Actually, I recently managed to rope Rito in to helping me with the kitchen work. It’s a tough job to be cooking four half a dozen people every day. It’s extra helpful when I know his new bedroom is just behind my kitchen. As punishment for tricking me in the rescue mission, I would wake him up early every morning, force him out of bed, and put him to work preparing breakfast. On days when he is especially resistant, I double his workload. When the meal is finished, he is absolutely exhausted. Of course, there’s no time to go back to bed. Thankfully, I am there to take him to the shower room.

Every morning, Rito and I go to the sick bay. After this, both of us go through a full check up, we both have to then give a blood sample. To make things worse, the final thing to do is get injected with that day’s choice of vaccines. Dr. Mikado is trying to prepare our bodies for contact with other life forms. She says that these appointments are necessary for our own survival. I still really, really hate all of those needles poking through my delicate skin. Worse still, some of these shots have really bad reactions, and we usually have to lie on the bed for a while before the pain goes away. *groans exasperatedly*

Anyway, I am enjoying the chance to go sightseeing in this spaceport. On days when we don’t go out to see the other planets, we stay here and experience this city that’s floating in space. My mind still can’t comprehend this place. You’d walk around as if everything was normal, but then you’d realize that the street you are on is curling up above your head. When you look up, you see all those buildings “hanging down” from the “ceiling”. It’s so bizarre!

I really love taking these strolls around the spaceport. Usually, I am walking with Rito. It’s so nice to be alone with him, to talk with him about all the new sights sounds we’ve experienced together. I really adore walking with him in these flower gardens. All of these strange and exotic plant life are so colorful! Like nothing like what we have at home! I especially love it when the simulated daylight is turned off. That is when the flowers begin to glow like tiny lamps lighting up our path. It looks so magical! It’s so great to walk through such a pth, hand in hand with Rito. I wish we could spend more time like this together.
I-I-I mean as his sister of course. There’s no way I could be attracted to him. He’s my brother! Besides, he is already getting married Haruna-san and Lala-san. I don’t think there’s any room for me, anyway. When Lala announced their nuptials, I was happy for them. Deep in my heart, there was this empty spot where something was there before. Yet, when I am walking in the gardens with Rito, that spot disappears.
I don’t get it.
Anyway, it’s nearly dinner time, which means I have to go find my favorite little helper.

Talk to you Later,

Ch.36: To Love and Prosper

Captain’s Log

Stardate 1360.12

We have arrived at the Deviluke’s star system. We are staying in this gigantic space port, orbiting one of the massive gas giants. Here, the Astroboy could dock and get resupplied for the next leg of our journey. At the same time, robots are working hard to fix the damage from the intense space travel. Even without the ferengi attack, our ship still got worn down after many days of traveling at warp.

Space station just doesn’t explain what this monstrous place is. It is more like a whole city wrapped into a giant ball. Wherever you went, you could see buildings hanging down above you. Enclosed in this floating city was a bubble of air that everyone used for breathing. Meanwhile, the hangers are actually built into the city floor. Just like how your digestive system is an extension of the outside world, the space docks exist in these tunnels and were directly connect to the vacuum of space.

We have to stay here for a while. As the planet Deviluke is now the seat of King…or rather Emperor Gid’s galactic empire, we can’t just drop in unannounced and expect a warm welcome. We needed time to fill out all sorts of forms that verifies who we are, where we’re from, what we want, how many of us are there, and why we need to see Gid. There’s also paperwork to document our ship, including what it looks like, who made it, and what we are carrying onboard.

Ugh! Such a bother. I say paperwork, but it’s really a bunch of tablets, each with many, many pages of boxes to check and lines to write. My hands are sore now for filling out all of these documents. *sigh* the duties of a captain are exhausting!

More annoying is that none of these forms are in any Earth language. I’ve had to ask Lunatique-sensei for help. She’s about the only one willing to help me. Mikado-sensei is busy, and Yami is still mad at me for destroying her ship (sorry about that).

Lala, her sisters, and Zastin have already left. As they are the children and servants to the Emperor, they were of course given preferential treatment. I remember how they emerged from the ship dock and were greeted by crowds of onlookers. Aliens of all sort were there, and they were cheering so loudly that I nearly went deaf.

Lala, of course, wanted me to join them in the royal procession. She pleaded to the escorts to bring me along, but Zastin put his foot down. He outright refused to let me through. Foreign travelers like me weren’t allowed to come along even if we were special guests.

Not that I minded. I don’t really care for these kinds of pomp and circumstance, so I decided to stay behind and look after the ship. I watched from the Astroboy’s bridge as the three sisters were escorted into a litter. Through a ship-wide broadcast, the rest of us could watch as they were paraded through the streets.

Well, that was two hours ago. It’s nearly lunch time by Earth’s reckoning, but everything around us have been dimmed to simulate night. By now, there should have been a royal shuttle craft, to carry the girls off to see their father.

As for me and the other crew, there are still work to be done.

Dr. Mikado is putting us through a regiment of vaccines. As we are stepping onto an alien world, it’s important that we prepare our immune systems. This will be humans’ first attempt at living in deep space, and it wouldn’t be super good if we get sick and die as soon as they step onto this new world. Going through with this treatment isn’t really something I want to talk about.

This will be another giant leap for mankind. I am honored to make this leap. But first I have to get my body ready.

This will my Final Entry to the ship’s archives. Thank you for keeping up with me through this journey. I promise that even more fun will come. I can’t wait to explore all those strange new worlds that populate this region of space.

Once again, this Rito Yuuki, Captain of the Starship Astroboy. Bye for now.



Ch.35: Update from Engineering

Stardate 1359.20

Hi, it’s Lala!

As of today, I am taking over as Chief Engineer.

Tearju-sensei did such an excellent work! She took care of this ship throughout the entire journey. Even when we faced down trouble, she kept the Astroboy operating at top form. She deserves a warm thank you from all of us onboard.

From now on, she is going to be our new science officer. On our journey through the cosmos, she will be our guide to all the strange and amazing life forms we encounter out there. Her expertise is in astrobiology, which will be crucial on the next leg of our journey. We have three more weeks to explore our neighboring stars. It will be so much fun to visit these strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations. Maybe we could extend our benevolence to these lifeforms and fold them into our galactic empire.

But first, we are going to visit my home planet.

I’m so excited! It’s been over a year since I left Deviluke, and I can’t wait to see what the people have done in my absence.  There is sure to be much celebration once we arrive. We will eat and drink and enjoy ourselves, while we meet with so many fascinating peoples.

Plus, as soon as we get there, there will the marriage with Rito, Haruna and me. Oh! I just can’t wait!

There are so many people to invite! All of my friends who live and work in other parts of the empire… they simply must come! Then, of course, there are Rito’s parents, Haruna’s family, and all of our classmates. I’ll be sure to send Zastin back to Earth to pick them up. We have ships in our Starfleet that have higher warp capabilities than our little Astroboy. In other words, our invitees could arrive on the wedding date and leave fairly quickly.

Oh! And Speaking of the wedding date…

If everything goes well, then we can hold the ceremony next week. I have many servants to help me with the preparations.

The first thing we have to do is meet with daddy. One we get his blessing, then we can proceed with the ceremony.

A Deviluke wedding is comprised of two parts. The first part is a public showing of the marriage. Here, Rito, Haruna, and I will say our vows. This is a crucial part, because it signals all of my suitors out there that I am no longer looking for a spouse. This will get rid of all those pretenders from loitering around my doorsteps. Following this, the three of us also has to proclaim our allegiance to daddy’s Empire. This provides solidarity so when it is my turn to take the throne, we know who my heirs would be. Well, all of this is tedious and boring, but it keeps our hold on the galaxy intact.

The second part of the marriage is one I’m most looking forward to. This part is more private, and only certain guests could attend. I’m not going to tell you what this part is. You’ll just have to use your imagination. What I can say is that this part involves my little sister’s harem plan. *giggles*

Well, none of this matters until we get to Deviluke.

*yawn* It’s getting late. By my calculations, we should be getting there in a half day’s travel.

Cross your fingers. It’s almost finished.

This is Lala, signing off.

Ch.34: Mikan’s Diary 5

Stardate 1359.15

Everything’s back to normal…or as normal as you can be when you’re traveling through space faster than the speed of light.

Today, I had so much fun playing with Celine. After my check up with Dr. Mikado, I went to visit Momo’s garden. As soon as I walk in, she popped out from whatever flower bed she was playing in. The little rascal tackled into me and knocked me to the ground. Then, she just ran away, laughing and taunting at me. Well, I just couldn’t let her go like that, she had to be punished!

So, I chased after her.

We played tag together, running all around the top deck. She darted in and out of the sick bay wards, peeking out and blowing raspberries at me. I pretended to be offended and tried to catch her. But of course, Celine was much faster than me, and she darted away before I could even get close.

Then she got into the turbo-lift. The sliding doors closed and she disappeared before I could get to her. She ended up running onto the bridge. Heavens know what would have happened if she had jumped onto the consoles and tried playing with the controles. We were traveling at warp speed, after all.

Fortunately, Lala was there to picked her up. When I arrived, the little girl was asleep in Lala’s arms, sucking on her breasts. Lala didn’t mind. She rocked the little girl in her arms and sang a song in her native tongue. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought that she was Celine’s mother.

Everyone were at their stations. Rito was sitting on his captain’s chair, which—now that I think about it—looked very much like a throne that a great lord could sit comfortably in while he directed his underlings. Of course, Rito would never think of it that way, but when I saw him sitting proudly in that chair, I couldn’t help but think that it suited him.

I noticed that Yami and Mea were sitting in the very front, between the two of them were the panels for the Astroboy’s main navigation controls. Everyone else were sitting around the circular room. They were busy looking out for any sign of trouble either inside or outside the ship. Surprisingly, I also saw the three newcomers. Kotegawa-san, Sawada-san, Momikawa-san were all hanging off the railing and watching the crew work.

According to Lala’s predictions, we should be arriving to planet Deviluke by tomorrow evening. She said that we should think about tidying up the Astroboy to make it more presentable.

She also told us that there was going to be some changes in room assignments so that the newcomers could find a place to sleep.

Rito is getting his own bedroom all to himself. Not only that, but it is a huge space just in front of the kitchen. It has such a great view! I had gone there to help move some furniture around. All I remember was that giant viewscreen that extended even to the floor, so that you could look down forever.

When we were at warp, all the starlight merged and it looked like we were traveling in a giant pool. The light danced on the grey walls inside, just like it would in a pool.

Rito is so lucky! I am so jealous of him right now! Why can’t I get a room like that?

But to be fair, I haven’t been disadvantaged too badly either. From today on, I’ll be living with Yami!

Oh! It’s so great to be together with my best friend. We could braid each other’s hair or practice applying make-up on each other! It gonna be so much fun! We could even put our beds together and make a larger place to sleep on. Then we could build a giant tent, and we could fill it with all kinds of pillows and stuffed animals! Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Oh! And speaking of Yami…

She wants to rake Rito over the coals.

Yami didn’t take it too well to being stunned by Rito while they were trying to escape a burning spaceship. She said It didn’t matter who it was that stunned her. Any attack on her that succeeded was a massive blow to her pride as the most feared assassin in the galaxy. The fact that it was the clumsy, inept Rito that did it only added salt to her wounds.

Then, she wasn’t too happy when she found out what had happened to her ship. On the outside, she appeared resigned to the fact that it had been destroyed in a fiery crash. Rito was saving them, she said. By drawing the enemy fire to himself, he bought us ample time to pick up the escape pod with her and Zastin inside. It was quite admirable, she added, that Rito would even think of doing something like that.

While searching for Rito, Zastin-san was able to recover the ship Lunatique’s core memories. They have all now been safely archived in the Starship Astroboy’s databases. This meant that the destroyed ship’s computer system still lives as a program. Of course, this also means that Yami’s private recordings are now all in the public archives, and anyone could listen in.

I blame her for being so mad at Rito. I still haven’t forgiven him for pulling that stunt earlier. He tricked me into going into the portal without him, and then he cut me off and left me in the woods with the girls.

My brother is such an impulsive idiot! He drives me so crazy sometimes! I will find some way to get back at him. I swear, I won’t forgive him until he is severely punished.

I’ll think of something.

Talk to you Later,


Ch.33: Momo’s Vlog 4

Momo’s Vlog 4

Stardate 1359.12

*Sigh* last night was so much fun! Especially after the Risa came and joined me in pleasuring Rito.

When I got off of him, he was still rock hard. Risa took over then. She took off her robe, and uncovered a black lacy two-piece with holes through which her nipples and clitoris peeked out. For extra sexiness, she had on black stockings that reached up above her knee.

Risa pulled Rito to his feet. She pushed him against the bed and then leaned in for a kiss. Her tongue caressed his own, making him groan with want. Her hands rested on his chest, stroking his swollen nipples. Her breasts pressed against his chest, smooshing them together and making him keenly aware of their stiff perky tips. Her naked pussy rubbed against his penis, covering it with her own wet arousal.

When Rito couldn’t take it anymore, he reached down and grabbed Risa’s butt. He spread her cheeks apart and plunged inside savagely so that she screamed.  That scream became a long drawn out moan as she gave into her lust. Meanwhile, Rito pumped in and out of her with abandon, not caring when he came inside her or when she was reaching her climax and started convulsing. By the time he came back to his senses, Risa was hanging limp in his arms She had passed out long before he had spilled his seed inside her. With not much else to do, Rito carried Risa’s limp body to a bed nearby, and laid her there to recover.

Oh Rito! He’s such a beast!

When he came back, he was already hard again. He put his gown back on, backwards so the opening was in front, and laid down on his own bed. He gestured me back onto the bed with him, and I of course complied.

I knelt down in front of him and reached for his warm pulsing member. I kissed him at the base, then dragged my tongue up along the shaft. My tongue touched Rito’s bulbous tip, and I sucked on the little opening. He groaned out loud, and his hands dug into my hair. With all his might, he plunged deep into my throat. My eyes opened in shock and I nearly gagged, but he didn’t care. In and out, in and out, he drove his thick penis down my throat. It wasn’t long before he spilled into my mouth. I nearly choked on the thick globby cum, but I was able to swallow a fair amount. The rest just spilled out and landed on the bedsheets.

For the rest of the night, Rito and I made love with each other. I came three more times before he finally let up and we spent the rest of the night cuddled together. Oh it was so wonderful!

I kind of feel bad now, as we kind of made a lot of mess all around the ward. In the morning, Run or Kyoko had get clean that up afterwards.

I’m sure Mikado-sensei had fun uploading that footage to the ship archives. Now anyone could watch our wild night together.

Yui was there too, but as expected, she was too embarrassed to join us. She kept her robe on and resigned herself to watching us. I think that was a bit tragic for her. It was obvious that she wanted to join in, but she too scared. Meanwhile, I was too lost in my own pleasure to care.

My first night with Rito had been ruined. All my carefully laid plans were tossed aside by that Farengi attack. After that, there wasn’t much time before Rito had to run off save our friends. He jumped the middle of everything recklessly, and he drove me insane with worry. I really didn’t want to waste any more time to be with Rito. I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Well, anyway…

Phase one of my harem plan is complete, though I didn’t do much. Phase two is now underway. I have to somehow get Yui and Rito together. Then, there are two more girls on my list. As with Yui, I’m not sure how to get them together with Rito yet, but maybe an opportunity will present itself.

I need to find Celine. Hopefully, Mikan hasn’t destroyed all the cola.

Momo out!

Ch.32: Rito’s Brief update

Stardate: 1359.08

I’m currently in the lower deck. Here, there’s a panoramic viewscreen, giving me an unobstructed view of space. I haven’t turned on the lights, so everything’s pitch dark, except for the see of stars before me. The planet Mistletoe still looms below us. It’s surface features are covered by bright yellow clouds. Off to the distance is the parent star which was nearing the end of its life as a main sequence yellow star.

At least, that’s what Lunatique-sensei tells me. She is very knowledgeable about planets and life on other planets. While she is the current chief engineer, her strength remains in what the people on Earth would call Astrobiology…the study of life in space.

She tells me the reason why Mistletoe is so full of exotic plant-like life-forms. Near the end of a normal star and before it swells into a red giant, this star is many times more luminous than our own sun. The extra rays seem to favor organisms who can gain nutrition through photosynthesis. Thus, while some organisms on Mistletoe can still ingest other organisms, almost all of them can also make their own food through the light-driven process.

Anyway, this place I am in right now is just below the bridge and cutoff from the rest of the ship by the kitchen. The only way in this place by a pair of stairs that coil down around the con—i.e. the place where Mea and Yami pilot the ship. Originally, this was supposed to be a sort of lounge with many of Lala’s bodyguards rested in their times off. In reality, this space has never been fully used, as most of us eat together in the main dining area.

Sometimes I come here to think and be alone. In fact, I’ve recorded many of my Captain’s log in here. In many ways, this has been my second bedroom.

Ever since the rescue, we’ve had to change some room assignments to accommodate Yui, Risa, and Mio. Mikan and Yami have moved in with each other, and Mio has moved in with Mea. Risa is now living with Momo, and Nana and Yui are living together as well.

As for me… well, I’ve been sort of looking for a place to live. I’ve been thinking of turning this spot into my living space. It’s easy to convert into some sort of bedroom. I can bring some blankets in from storage and MacGyver some kind of futon.

It’s kind of nice in here.

Well, enough rambling for one morning. There’s work to be done down here.

Bye for now.