Ch. 41: Haruna’s Chronicles 1

Stardate: 1368.10

Last night, as I was getting ready to go to bed, a small spaceship appeared out of nowhere to hail the Astroboy. Through my very large viewscreen, I could clearly see that it looked like a miniature space shuttle with wingtips that swept up in an elegant curve. I could see Nana sitting in cockpit talking furiously with someone on the bridge. Clearly, the princess had slipped out of the Capital unnoticed and had stolen one of the royal shuttles to escape her homeworld. Now, she was parked in front of the shuttle bay, desperate to get inside.

Curious about what was going on, I went upstairs to the bridge. I found Zastin standing over the con in a heated argument with the princess. Zastin was beside himself. He scolding the princess through the microphone, accusing her of skipping out on her royal duties for some shameless prank. He flatly refused to let her on board, and demanded that she go back to Deviluke at once.

Nana, stubborn as ever, refused to budge an inch. She crossed her arms tightly and stewed in her seat.

Of course, that only made Zastin even angrier. He screamed at her until he went hoarse. How dare she make everyone worried about her! How could she not care? Her actions were unbefitting of a princess, and she should be ashamed of herself… and on and on and on.

Nana endured the abuse, refusing to move. Inevitably, bridge was filled with people as everyone was drawn to the standoff. Inevitably, her savior appeared to take control of the situation. Yuuki-kun walked onto the bridge, yawning. He was wearing an old T-shirt and sweatpants.

After last night’s debacle, I seriously couldn’t keep sleeping with him. Doing it with the other girls—even his own sister—he seriously betrayed my trust. I know it was the pink powder’s fault, but a girl can only forgive so much. Honestly, I can’t see the harem plan making anyone happy. There would be so much drama when everyone is fighting to have their alone time with Yuuki-kun. In short, it makes love look cheap.

I was willing to share him with Lala, but I don’t think I can handle his having relationships with so many other women. I don’t want to experience that anxiety.

Yuuki-kun has changed so much in just a week. Even now, I am just baffled by how different he has become. Even in his sleeping clothes, Yuuki-kun was without question the authority in the room. As soon as he appeared everyone went quiet. As always, Yuuki-kun played the knight in shiny armor. Overriding Zastin’s refusal, he commanded that the shields be lowered, and then he personally lead a reception party to greet Nana.

When the deviluke princess finally emerged from the shuttle bay, everyone was there to greet her. Despite how late it was, no one wanted to go to bed. Everyone was eager to learn about what had happened and why Nana had left the palace. Mikan brought out some tea and snacks and all of us gathered in the dining room to listen to her story.

It seems that she had gotten into a fight with one of the courtiers. According to her, one of her suitors had slipped into her room. When she retired for the night, the unknown assailant attacked her. He had her pinned to the floor and had nearly stripped her naked before she could stun him with lightning from her tail. Breathless and more than a little fearful, she rushed outside to alert the guards, only to find that none of the sentries were at their post. Nana, fearing for her life gathered her things and made her escape.

Clearly, the palace guards had been bought off by someone rich and powerful. At least, that’s what Yuuki-kun thought when Nana told us what happened. With Gid absent for a week, the courtiers were free to plot for control. Now with the princesses in the castle, some must have become even more ruthless. The situation was growing more dangerous every day, as the nobles played their game of thrones. While some factions worked hard to cultivate favors, others were actively plotting to use the girls to their own advantage. Some more extreme parties were even planning for a coup.

Yuuki-kun dropped this latest bomb on us when he told us of such a plot. He had only just gotten some intel from Yami who had overheard two conspirators talking. Their plan was to abduct the three princesses and hold them as hostages against the emperor.

“We don’t know whether Nana’s attacker was part of the plan,” He said. After the failed attack, the palace would be in an uproar. “The conspirators will most likely lie low for the night.”

Yet despite his assurance, it was clear that the girls were in mortal danger. Zastin elected to return to the capital at once. “If nothing else,” he said, “I could provide some extra protection.”

The rest of us agreed that Yuuki-kun would go to the palace as planned, and Yami and Mikan would accompany him on the stolen shuttle and escorted by Zastin’s men. Together, they would try to find out how bad the situation was, and if they had to get Momo and Lala from the palace. If the worst came to pass, they would have to use the D-dial network as before.

But that meant that Nana had to stay with the Astroboy.

I’m not sure if she could count on us to protect her when our ship barely has any way of defending itself. I can say as the acting Tactical Officer, that it is a miracle that we are even alive. Ever since we docked at the Deviluke spaceport, I have been looking into our defenses, and I am intimately aware of how woefully under-prepared we are to deal with any serious threat.

We were lucky to have survived our encounter with that Farengi ship. Not only was it much more well-armed than our tiny craft, it was also way more powerful. Had it shot a phaser at us directly, the enemy would have blown through our shields in an instant. Worse, the ship we were dealing with was only a cargo ship. Any real struggle with more powerful vessels would result in our obliteration.

I told as much to the rest of the crew, expressing my doubts that we could survive through a real fire fight. Unfortunately, we were well aware of our own danger. Nana told us of the palace rumors she overheard. It was clear that they knew where our little ship was and that we were very close to the princesses. With Nana on board, we were a juicy target while we parked in the spaceport.

Thus, it was agreed that we stay hidden on Deviluke for the night. With Zastin on board, we’d have clearance to land. Once on the planet surface, we would be safe from attack by much larger ships who would otherwise be crushed under their own weight. I guess this is a perk for having a small ship: we can go anywhere.

It’s morning now, and Rito is already gone. Zastin had left as soon as we entered the atmosphere. As a result we don’t have any vessels left to go out for patrols.

The rest of us can only watch and wait.

Ch.40: Momo’s Vlog 5

Stardate 1367.22

Thank you Mea for sending me that video file. Thanks to her, I had a wonderful time watching everything. It’s been such a relief from the stress I’ve been enduring all day. It’s not easy to play politics when the people you talk to don’t see you as anything other than stepping stones to their own power. Nana is so lucky to slip out of the palace!

I can’t wait to see Rito again!

Okay, I have rambled on long enough! I present to you the wildest night on the Astroboy! Enjoy!

[Recording starts; Timestamp: 1366.22]

Rito entered the room of Mikan and Yami with Mea in tow. As soon as they were in, Mea closed the door. All of the sudden, billowing clouds of smoke erupted everywhere, engulfing the room in a pink mist.

When the dust had settled, Rito was found pinned him to the door and wrapped from head to heel with Yami’s blond hair. She stalked over to him, staring into his terrified eyes, her induced passion mingled with her fury. She yanked him down into a savage kiss. She crushed his lips against her own, and her sharpened nails ripped through his clothes.

All the while, Mea was busy with his pants. She pulled down his drawers and let his throbbing member out. Mea slid the member against her nose and let the warmth bleed into her skin. She ran her tongue along the shaft and kissed the very tip.

Rito groaned at the sudden wetness going up and down his member. His hands dug into Mea’s hair, and he held on tight as she pleasured him.

This whole time, Mikan was only watching. She watched as Yami and Mea stripped off his clothing. She watched as her best friend savagely attacked Rito’s mouth. She watched as Mea rose from her kneeling position, dragging her tongue up to his nipple and sucking on the hard nub even as he gasped. Mikan watched and moaned, her own hands squeezing her own little breasts through her loose tank top.

But then, Mea broke off from her own ministrations. She turned around and dragged Mikan down with her until once again, they were kneeling in front of his swollen manhood. Rito’s penis poked out obnoxiously in front of her. Mea guided Mikan’s hands to the shaft. It was all stiff and pulsating, and Mikan could feel the heat radiating from the head.

Mikan stroked it slowly, letting it slide in her grasp. Guided by Mea’s hand, she leaned in close and let the tip graze her lips. She opened her mouth, sucking on the glans and letting her tongue explore the little hole. Then she felt hands slipping beneath her clothes. Mikan moaned as they caressed her skin, and she gasped as they squeezed down on her developing breasts.

Her voice sent vibrations up Rito’s spine. Unconsciously, he grabbed Mikan’s head and shoved his whole length down his sister’s throat. Mikan’s eyes open in shock and she nearly gagged, but Rito was too deep in his own lust to care. He pumped his penis with abandon until he came in his sister’s throat. Mikan pulled away, gasping; her mouth was filled with her brother’s cum. Mea went after her, trying to steal the load from her mouth.

Meanwhile, Rito’s legs had given out, and he collapsed onto the floor. Yami, now completely nude, went down with him, straddling his waist and massaging his spent member. She dragged his hands up to her wet pussy. She gasped as his fingers filled her inside, and she closed her eyes and let him do as he pleased with her.

Rito complied. Shifting into a kneeling position, he pulled her close so her breasts pressed against his mouth. His fingers moved faster and harder, and her moaning grew louder and huskier. His mouth caught her nipple and sucked on it until was red and swollen. His right hand cupped her breasts and squeezed until she cried out lustfully.

His fingers dug in deep, and he began pumping fiercely until she was screaming with pleasure. At the last moment, he plunged into her deep with his newly erect penis, and he bit into her neck. The pain and the pleasure finally drove Yami over the edge, and she climaxed. Her feral cry went shrill until he couldn’t even hear her. Her insides were pulsing uncontrollably. When at last she came down from her high, Yami slumped against his side, her chest was heaving as she struggled to recover her breath.

Rito peeked over her shoulder and found Mikan propped up on her hands while Mea was sucking on her sensitive folds. Both of their clothes were gone now. Mea’s tongue slid in and out of Mikan’s wet pussy, and Rito saw that his sister’s nipples, stiff like twin peaks, were rising rising and falling with each breath. Mikan watched her brother caress his lover with such tenderness, and she cooed his name with lustful want.

Rito walked over and sat down beside her. He kissed her, warm and tender on her lips. His hand explored her body. He heard her breath hitch as he played with her nipple. He felt her moan in the kiss as his hands glided down to her clit. Her breath was hot and heavy; her tongue danced in his mouth.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and pressed him in tighter. With a quick turn of her waist, Mikan pulled him down under her. Sitting up and straddling his waist, she let her pussy hover above his erection, brushing it occasionally with her wet folds. She smirked at his every gasp; her hands gripped his knees.

When at last, Rito couldn’t take it anymore, his hands found her waist and pulled her down until he filled her to the brim. She screamed as he ripped through her maidenhead and her back arched backwards at the sweet mix of pain and pleasure. At the same time, blonde tendrils snagged her from behind, pulling her arms back, immobilizing her. Two long arms they wrapped around her lithe body, and the fingers played with her budding breasts. When she turned to look, warm wet lips met her own. Her best friend was there with her eyes closed, and she was kissing her.

Then she saw Mea come around to play with Rito. Mikan watched as she knelt down above Rito’s head. She presented her pussy to him, pulling it wide so he could see inside. Then her prehensile hair wrapped around his head and forced him up to lick at the folds

Rito complied, choking a little when Mea’s grip tightened around his throat. He grunted louder and louder as his penis slipped in and out of Mikan. It wasn’t long before he came and his seeds came spurting out. In his own haze, he barely heard Mikan’s cry as she climaxed well.

[Recording ends]

Unfortunately for us, Mea’s camera ran out of battery, but from what I can gather from Mea, they went on for quite some time. I should note that Celine’s pollen had worn off much earlier than I thought. Much of what we had seen came from the girls themselves, their passion for Rito was fueled by their love and their frustration.

I think I can say for my friends that the reason we love Rito so much is his unrelenting drive to protect the ones he loves. It doesn’t stop me from being deathly afraid of his choices. He does some crazy things that make me want to scream at him.

I can’t wait to see Rito again. I want to be by his side forever and ever!

Ch.39: A Letter from a co-conspirator

Stardate: 1367.21

Hey Momo, this is Mea!

The mission was a success! Everything went according to plan.

When all of you guys left, I got out those smoke bombs you made with Celine’s pollen. It must have been an ordeal to collect it. For the entirety of our rescue mission, Celine had been kept in the garden. Wouldn’t you know it, but that little rascal got into our cola stash. She must have filled whole place with her powder. I remember how you could barely hold yourself together when you gave me those bombs.

Anyway, the set up was flawless. I planted the bombs in Mikan’s and Yami-oneesama’s room, and then I lured Rito in with them. It wasn’t hard to convince him to meet with the girls alone. Our adorable captain has been fretting about how to make up with Yami-Oneechan. After he pulled that stunt on her during the rescue attempt—stunning her, confining her, making her watch as he rammed her ship into the enemy—Oneechan has been very distant. I told him that the very least he could do was to buy Oneechan a brand new spaceship. I gave him some gold-pressed latinum and I convinced him to at least spend some time with her and maybe visit some spaceship dealers.

The next part of the mission was fairly straightforward. Yami-Oneechan and Mikan were already there sitting on the beds when I dragged Rito in and locked the door behind me. I had just enough time to start the recording before the smoke bombs went off.

Rito is such a beast! Even now, I can’t even walk normally, but oh my god last night was so much fun!

I’m going to send you last night’s recording, and then I am going back to sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Ch.38: Nana’s Vlog 1

Stardate: 1367.21

Finally! I am done with the capital!

After six days of entertaining those god awful suitors, I’ve had enough!

Everything went downhill as soon as we arrived at Outpost Alpha. When my sisters and I emerged from the terminal, all of the thousands of small folk were there to greet us. Before we knew it, the crowd had swept us up into a royal procession, and we got packed off to the capital like sardines.

When we arrived at the palace, papa in his infinite wisdom had skipped town and left his imperial duty on his daughters. Meanwhile, they were waiting for us. The castle is always full of gross men with their gross eyes looking at you so grossly. All they see in us are the stepping stones to their power. They don’t care about us. They only care about what we represent. The ordinary people don’t really care either. It doesn’t matter to them if their high lords play their game of thrones.

I was lucky enough to have slip out of the palace unnoticed. My sisters are still stuck in that hellhole, though. They have way more eyes on them, watching their every move. Those suitors want us, the princesses to be molded into their own liking, and my sisters tend to play their parts well. My big sis is the heir to papa’s throne and despite all her antics, she is still beloved by her people. Meanwhile, Momo is the darling of the empire: the youngest and the cutest. Her fan club back on Earth couldn’t even hold a candle to her popularity in the Palace. As for me, I’m usually stuck in the middle. Between those two juggernauts, I don’t really stand out. Few of the suitors ever ask for me, nor do they really care. I guess they just can’t stand my assertiveness.

That’s just fine; I have other friends who like me.

The Astroboy was still docked in the same place when I flew in with my stolen shuttle. Most of the crew were out when I arrived, but I got to hang out with the medical staff. Today, Run and Kyouko were busy as bees, restocking the shelves and carrying out some important research experiments. I still can’t believe that Momo got these two to join our crew. I’m not sure how she got the managers to agree. That their top idols were travelling through deep space for the summer must have been such a publicity stunt. They must have thought that this was some sort of space-adventure show, and I highly doubt that they thought we were doing it for real. Anyway, the girls have really grown under Mikado-sensei’s guidance. They are a funny bunch, and I love hanging out with them. Sometimes, I help out with errands, but most often, I get to spend time with Mikado-sensei and Tearju-sensei, learning about all the animals in the galaxy.

I really love animals. I want to learn more about them, so that I can take better care of them. Sometimes, I would take Mikado-sensei and Tearju-sensei into my cyber safari. There, I get to listen to their lectures about my animal friends, and I get to practice veterinary skills taught by them. Can you not think of a better place to learn?

This ship has become my second home. Here, no one treats me like a princess. Everyone sees me as a normal person. They don’t care about who I should marry or how much power I have to give them. Nobody cares that I am the second daughter of one of the most powerful man in the galaxy.

At the same time, I get to learn so much! I enjoy talking to one of the premiere astrobiologists in the galaxy, and learning from one of the leading experts in extraterrestrial physiology? I can’t think of any other place where I can meet these exciting people that can help me achieve my dream!

I love it here.

Now with that being said, I still can’t stand that perverted beast. He is shameless beyond reason.

He was the first to greet me. While I was still talking to Tearju-sensei, he came running towards me. Somehow, he tripped over his own two feet and landed on tope of me. For some reason that I still have trouble understanding, his treacherous hands grabbed onto my skirt and yanked it down. I ended up sitting on his face with his nose was pressed against my panties.

Honestly, no girl is safe around that idiot! Of course, I couldn’t just let him get away with such a brazen act of perversion. I had already beaten him into a bloody pulp when the others arrived.

I was surrounded by all of my friends. Ever since I started school on Earth, Kotegawa and I have always gotten along. Then, there’s Mea, the first friend I ever made. While we have had our differences, we are very close. The three of us—plus Mikan and Yami—have formed a close group. With the five of us united, nothing could stand in our way.

They were all so worried about me and my sisters, and I had to spend a long time reassuring them that the other two were doing fine. I don’t mind the questioning though. I could tell that they genuinely cared for me and my sisters.

I feel welcomed here. There are so many people I consider my friends now, even that perverted idiot. I can’t help but feel happy that they are here to support me.

I told them that Lala and the others were waiting for them. I told them that they should go visit tomorrow. Especially since my papa isn’t home, I think my sister could use their warmth.

As for me, I may go back with them but not to the palace. Maybe I’ll hang out in the harbor or go somewhere else.

Nothing is fixed as of now, so anything is possible.

Ch.37: Mikan’s Diary 6

Stardate: 1367.21

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow morning, we are going off to see Momo’s, Lala’s and Nana’s home. Our permission to visit the capital had been granted, and we were to to hitch a ride on an imperial shuttle that would take us directly to the palace. Of course, Zastin will be accompanying us all the way down. That’s what the man himself told us, when he came back this morning.

Only Zastin managed to come back, and he brought some more unsettling news. It seems that some of the girls’ suitors—not just Lala’s—had gotten wind of their return and had been waiting for them in the capital. To make matters worse, the devilluke king had left the planet to deal with other matters, so the three sisters have been preoccupied with entertaining the guests and maintaining the empire’s austere authority. I can’t help but feel sorry for the girls. It must be terrible to have so many responsibilities foisted upon them. I can’t believe the Deviluke king would be so irresponsible! After all, he is why we went travelling across the galaxy. He’s the one who started all of this mess.

That said, Zastin’s return was really ill timed, as It was during some truly terrible set of circumstances.

It all happened last night, when someone had hidden some sort of smoke bomb filled with Celine’s pollen in my room. Rito was visiting me and Yami to talk about getting Yami a new space ship when it went off. We found the door locked from the outside, and the ventilation had been shut off.

Exactly what happened next…well…I’m not sure I can say; it was all quite embarrassing. I’m sure that the perp will reveal herself in time, when she logs the event onto the ship’s archives. All I can say is that I lost something that night, but I’ve become closer to my brother.

Oh, and Sairenji-san is furious with him right now. In fact, when Zastin showed up, he was still kneeling on the cold floor while she chewed him out.

Anyway, these past few days have been hectic with all the changes. Yami is filling in for Lala-san as Chief Engineer. Meanwhile, everybody else have been trying to fill in for Lala-san, Momo-san, and Nana-san. Every day, I follow Yami around the ship, and listen to her talk about the intricate components that make the Astroboy work. I am learning so much stuff from the intricacies of space travel to the inner working of the warp core.

Recently, I’ve roped Rito into helping me with some of thekitchen work. It’s extra helpful when his new bedroom is just behind my kitchen. I would wake him up early every morning, and force him out of bed. On days when he is especially resistant, I double his workload. This is compensation for him tricking me and making me so worried during the rescue mission. It’s a tough job, cooking for a dozen people every day. When breakfast is finished, he is absolutely exhausted, at which point I haul him off to the showers.

This morning, we didn’t make breakfast ourselves. Instead, we went out into the spaceport for some brunch. I enjoy any chance I get to go sightseeing in this floating space city. My mind still can’t comprehend this place. You’d walk around as if everything was normal, but then you’d realize that the street you are on is curling up above your head. When you look up, you see all those buildings “hanging down” from the “ceiling”. It’s so bizarre!

Today, I was walking with Rito, Yami, Sairenji-san, and Mea-san, with many other girls tagging along. Both Tearju-sensei and Mikado-sensei were with us, and they recommended this popular eatery that had chains throughout the galaxy. All the food was exotic and delicious, and I pestered the cook for some good recipes.

After brunch, we went to find some dealers for space ships. As I mentioned before, Rito really wanted to help Yami with replacing Lunatique. After all, it was the least he could do after he had rammed the ship into that Ferengi frigate. We spent a good chunk of time searching through the many shops. Some had really high end ships that neither Rito nor Yami could pay for. In other places, the vessels weren’t cheap, but you could tell they weren’t even capable of handling the rigors of space travel. In the end, they couldn’t find anything, and we got back to the Astroboy empty handed.

When Dinner was done, thanks to my favorite little helper, I went out again into the city. This time, I took only Rito with me. It’s so nice to be alone with him, to walk with him hand-in-hand, and to talk with him about all the new sights and sounds we’ve experienced together. As of last night, our relationship has reached a new level of intimacy, and I confess, I don’t mind as much as I should.

I really adore walking with him in these flower gardens. All of these strange and exotic plant life are so colorful! It’s like nothing like we have at home! I especially love going out in the evening when the simulated daylight is turned off. That is when the flowers begin to glow like tiny lamps lighting up our path. They look so magical!

I wish we could spend more time like this together. When Lala announced their nuptials, I was happy for them, but deep in my heart, there was this empty spot where something used to be. Yet, when I am walking in the gardens with Rito, that spot disappears.

I think I know what that spot is, and I think I know why Momo wants the harem plan to work so much. I have this suspicion that she has the same feelings I do, that even if I can’t be the first or second in his heart, I still want to be with Rito. When we go to Deviluke tomorrow, I want to have a chat with Momo. Maybe we could make the harem plan work.


Ch.36: To Love and Prosper

Captain’s Log

Stardate 1366.12

We have arrived at the Deviluke’s star system for nearly a week now. We are staying in this gigantic space port, orbiting one of the massive gas giants. Here, the Astroboy could dock and get resupplied for the next leg of our journey.

Space station just doesn’t explain what this monstrous place is. It’s more like a floating metropolis wrapped into a giant ball like yarn. The city buildings sprout out around the yarn, turning the outer surface into roads and parks and footpaths. It is surreal to walk along the streets. You can see the road you’re on curve up and over your head. Looking up, you could see the tops of buildings hang down like stalactites.

Meanwhile, the hangers are actually built into the city floor. Just like how your digestive system is an extension of the outside world, the space docks exist in these tunnels and are directly connected to the vacuum of space. Enclosed in this floating city was a bubble of air that everyone used for breathing. Lala tried to explain to me how the ventilation worked to keep the air fresh, but it all went right over my head.

Everybody aboard are hard at work these days. Save for some brief excursions out into the city, it’s been all hands on deck. Most people are working hard to fix the damage from after many days of traveling at warp. Even without the Ferengi attack, our ship has still been worn out from our journey. While Zastin’s team are working on repairs for the external hull, the rest of us have been busy scrubbing the decks from top to bottom.

There has also been a general change in room assignments. We had to shift living quarters so we could accommodate Kotegawa, Mio, and Risa. Yami and Mikan are now living together, with Yami taking my old bed. Risa and Momo are sharing a room, and Mea is now bunking with Nana. Finally, Mea and Nana round off everyone living in the bottom deck. On the flight deck quarters, we have Zastin and his crew. Some of the security team have left the ship and are going off to their home worlds. I would love to visit those places sometime.

As for me, I’ve got this spacious place underneath the bridge. It has a spectacular view into the depths of space. The viewscreen is slanted downwards, so that you could actually lie on it and see the stars underneath. Originally, it was a meeting room/second dining room, but Lala went and put in this giant bed large enough to sleep five people with room to spare. In fact, She, Haruna and me have been— ahem—using it together every night since. The old table is now my writing desk, which I am using to record this very log.

We have to stay here for a while. As the planet Deviluke is now the seat of King—or rather Emperor— Gid’s galactic realm, we can’t just drop in unannounced and expect a warm welcome. We’re waiting to gain permission to visit the capital. Lala, her sisters, and Zastin have already left. They’re going to talk to Gid. Hopefully, they could grant us a royal audience. As foreign travelers, we couldn’t just waltz our way into the imperial palace.

I remember how they were greeted by crowds of onlookers when they emerged from the spaceport. Lala, of course, wanted me to join in with the royal procession, but Zastin flat out refused. I watched from the Astroboy’s bridge as the three sisters were escorted to a royal shuttle. The vessel would thus carry the girls off to see their father.

Hopefully, they could secure safe passage for us.

In the meantime, there are still things to do.

Currently, I’m stuck at my desk filling out all sorts of forms. There’s a lot of paperwork alone to document our ship, including what it looks like, who made it, and what we are carrying onboard. I also have to write down who we are, where we’re from, what we want, how many of us are there…the list goes on. I say paperwork, but it’s really a bunch of tablets, each with many, many pages of boxes to check and lines to write. Ugh! Such a bother! My hands are sore now for filling out all of these documents.

And I still have to get Yami a brand new ship.

*sigh* the duties of a captain are never done.

This is Rito, signing off.

Ch.35: Update from Engineering

Stardate 1359.20

Hi, it’s Lala!

As of today, I am taking over as Chief Engineer.

Tearju-sensei did such an excellent work! She took care of this ship throughout the entire journey. Even when we faced down trouble, she kept the Astroboy operating at top form. She deserves a warm thank you from all of us onboard.

From now on, she is going to be our new science officer. On our journey through the cosmos, she will be our guide to all the strange and amazing life forms we encounter out there. Her expertise is in astrobiology, which will be crucial on the next leg of our journey. We have three more weeks to explore our neighboring stars. It will be so much fun to visit these strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations. Maybe we could extend our benevolence to these lifeforms and fold them into our galactic empire.

But first, we are going to visit my home planet.

I’m so excited! It’s been over a year since I left Deviluke, and I can’t wait to see what the people have done in my absence.  There is sure to be much celebration once we arrive. We will eat and drink and enjoy ourselves, while we meet with so many fascinating peoples.

Plus, as soon as we get there, there will the marriage with Rito, Haruna and me. Oh! I just can’t wait!

There are so many people to invite! All of my friends who live and work in other parts of the empire… they simply must come! Then, of course, there are Rito’s parents, Haruna’s family, and all of our classmates. I’ll be sure to send Zastin back to Earth to pick them up. We have ships in our Starfleet that have higher warp capabilities than our little Astroboy. In other words, our invitees could arrive on the wedding date and leave fairly quickly.

Oh! And Speaking of the wedding date…

If everything goes well, then we can hold the ceremony next week. I have many servants to help me with the preparations.

The first thing we have to do is meet with daddy. One we get his blessing, then we can proceed with the ceremony.

A Deviluke wedding is comprised of two parts. The first part is a public showing of the marriage. Here, Rito, Haruna, and I will say our vows. This is a crucial part, because it signals all of my suitors out there that I am no longer looking for a spouse. This will get rid of all those pretenders from loitering around my doorsteps. Following this, the three of us also has to proclaim our allegiance to daddy’s Empire. This provides solidarity so when it is my turn to take the throne, we know who my heirs would be. Well, all of this is tedious and boring, but it keeps our hold on the galaxy intact.

The second part of the marriage is one I’m most looking forward to. This part is more private, and only certain guests could attend. I’m not going to tell you what this part is. You’ll just have to use your imagination. What I can say is that this part involves my little sister’s harem plan. *giggles*

Well, none of this matters until we get to Deviluke.

*yawn* It’s getting late. By my calculations, we should be getting there in a half day’s travel.

Cross your fingers. It’s almost finished.

This is Lala, signing off.