Ch.52: Mikan’s Diary 8

Stardate 1370.12

Dear Diary,

Gid came back early in the morning, while most of us were still asleep.

I was already awake in the kitchen, arguing with the staff. The cooks were trying to dissuade me from making breakfast as they were already preparing an elaborate banquet. I could already see ten large birds roasting in the open flame while a spit-boy basted the meat with generous amounts of their own drippings sweetened with some kind of syrup. Meanwhile, the pastry chefs were filling huge pie crusts with fruits stewed in sugar and tangy spices to be baked until golden brown. Still others were preparing sweetcakes, and sculpting elaborate structures out of pure white sugar.

Just watching them prepare these foods made my stomach feel queasy. Everything was so rich and fattening that our bodies would surely balloon ten times our current size. I tried to tell the cooks to moderate the calories put into each morsel of food, but they were more interested in preparing elaborate meals that looked as good as they tasted. Catering for the hundreds of guests that resided within the palace was no small order.

And they were expecting many more people coming.

Thankfully, Lala was there to help me. When she appeared, I explained to her what was going on, and she convinced the staff to serve their food to the great hall only, and that we would make our own breakfast.

With the cooks pacified, we settled for a more modest meal of fish okayu stewed with leafy vegetables and a side of tamagoyaki. I poured a big bag of rice into a large copper kettle and filled it with water. Then I hung the kettle over the cooking fireplace to heat until boiling.

Lala emerged from the pantry, carrying a huge egg as big as a watermelon and a three, large fish preserved in brine. We were trying to crack the egg open when Yami walked in on us. With her help, we managed to drill a hole through the thick shell and mix in some salt and sweet wine. I fried the egg mixture in a cast iron griddle, properly rolling the thin yellow sheet into a long fluffy log to be sliced into pillows.

Meanwhile, Yami flayed the fish, using her hair like long slender knives. Carefully, she separated the skin from the succulent meat. Then, she removed the bones and cut the fish into chunks. At the same time, Lala was tending the leafy vegetables, mincing them until they were as small as match sticks. The fish and vegetables were all added into the rice gruel and the whole brew was brought to slow a simmer over the fire.

Queen Selphie was awake when we brought all the food to her solar. She complemented our dishes as we busily set up all the plates and bowels on the modest table.

It was as that moment that we heard a low drone sound growing louder and louder until the window panes were rattling in their frames. A dark shadow passed overhead and briefly blocked out all the light. Lala led us down to the courtyard just in time to see the main gate, a huge wall of golden lattices, open wide to let in a sleek silver spacecraft.

It was three times larger than the average royal shuttle. Its two pairs of landing struts straddled the central canal and squatted down like some chrome-plated toad. A long gangplank extended from the mouth and connected to the apex of the arched stairway. A large gaping hatch opened and a procession of ambassadors and dignitaries marched out along with thousands of spearmen and standard bearers hoisting a vast array of colors and sigils.

Gid emerged last, flanked on both sides by his personal staff. Maul and Smutt walked in front to clear a path, while two serving maids walked behind the emperor, holding giant fans mounted on long wooden poles. Gid looked so handsome, and his eyes were dark and beautiful. Yet their hard stare betrayed the tiniest bit of his power. He was dressed in black robe with a white sash tied around the waist. A long black cape draped across his shoulders, and his tail swayed back and forth, armored tip cracking the air like a whip.

“Daddy!” Lala cried as she glomped onto him. “Welcome home! I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Gid smiled his toothy smile. His ring-studded hand emerged from within his sleeves and ruffled his daughter’s hair.

“You’ve been busy, my little Princess,” he said, “Thank you for keeping my realm together.”

Lala beamed and snuggled against him.

Just then, we heard some loud footsteps, and oni-chan appeared, panting as though he had run down several flights of stairs. He was fully dressed in his starship uniform, and in his hands was the symbol of betrothal. That gold hand ornament snaked around his wrist and ended in a giant orange gem from which five spokes sprouted to cap each fingertip. It was given to him by Queen Selphie, before we went to the evening banquet last night.

I could tell that his whole body was taught like a bow string. His hands were balled into tight fists, and he was trying to not how his fear.

“Your Majesty,” Rito said stiffly, “This is an unexpected pleasure. We are honored by your presence.”

Gid let his hands fall and studied my brother carefully. All of his mirth was gone. “You may dispense with the pleasantries, Yuuki Rito” he said coldly, “I’ve been out cleaning up the mess you’ve made. We’ve nearly had a war thanks to the stunt you pulled.”

He glared at oni-chan, stepping closer so his shadow fell over the boy. “Do you understand how much trouble you have given me?”

Rito swallowed a lump in his throat. “With all due respect sir, Lala was in danger,” he said at last, “I was merely trying to protect her.”

“And why does my daughter need your protection?” he said sternly, “I still don’t get what my daughter sees in you, and I remain skeptical of your betrothal.”

He sighed, “Still, at least you are not a coward nor a bumbling fool. But we will discuss this when we are alone.”

With a wave of his hand, Gid dismissed us from his presence. Rito tried to follow, but Smutt turned around and stopped him.

With the exception of Lala, we were all barred from the throne room. While the courtiers and the diplomats dined together in their great hall, we were forbidden from even setting foot in the palace sections.

Instead, we retreated back to Selphie-san’s solar. The queen was sitting at the head of the table when we came in. Momo and Haruna were already sitting next to each other on the right side, so Rito and Yami and I all sat down across from them. Maul who had come in with us was waiting quietly behind the queen. I felt sorry for seeing him standing there without any food, so I asked him to sit with us.

“If it’s alright with you, Selphie-san.”

The queen beamed. “Of course!” she said.

We brought out another chair so Maul could sit next to Yami. Meanwhile, Rito shifted to the foot of the table and sat across from Selphie-san. He desperately avoided her gaze, even though she had the most beautiful smile for him.

We all tucked into a warm breakfast together. Thankfully, the food hadn’t cooled too much. I bit into the tamagoyaki, and felt my cheeks clench at the deliciousness.

“So, Maul-san,” I started to say, “Tell me a little about yourself. We hardly ever get to know about the people who live in the rest of this galaxy.”

“But of course,” Maul said, “I am a Transylvanian. I come from a planet that orbits a red dwarf star. There is a moon that orbits at a shallower orbital plane than your moon does, so it is always eclipsed by our planet when it is full, so it will always has a rusty look appearance”

“Our planet has a higher iron composition than yours, and it leeches into our body through the water we drink and the air we breathe. Thanks to that, we have higher hemoglobin content in our blood cells, making them more efficient in carrying oxygen.”

“So that’s what makes you so athletic?” I said, “I’ve seen you jump as high as our house.”

“Too much iron in our bodies is a problem too,” Maul said, nodding, “So we get rid of it through our skin, but that also gives us extra protection.

“That’s why your skin is so gray. Essentially, you get to grow your own armor. Right? That also explains why your hair and nails turn red.”

Maul nodded. “It’s very useful when I’m on duty. However, I’ve mostly lost all of that protection, ever since coming to Earth. Meanwhile, your sun is so much brighter than ours, so I have to wear sunblock every day or I will burn up.”

“I see,” I said, “So how long have you been working for Gid?”

“All my life,” he said quickly, “I was taken from my home when I was but a boy. That was how his majesty found his personal guards. After taking over the galaxy, he went to the many vassal worlds and took boys and girls from their families. He trained us personally from a very young age. We were taught to serve him and fight for him forever.”

“Oh, how horrible!” I commented, “Imagine being ripped from your home, never see your family again! To be a prisoner or a hostage in a place where you’ve never been before!”

But Maul shook his head. “On the contrary, it was the best thing to happen to me!”


“It was a privilege to be selected for Gid’s academy. My parents were so happy—so proud—when emissaries came to take me away. At the academy I learned everything from how to command an entire fleet of starships to how to cook every recipe known to the empire. Furthermore, we weren’t barred at all from visiting our family. My homeworld exists in an obscure corner of the empire, so our people remain apart from the cultural influence of the capital. I was encouraged to go home and spread the knowledge I gain to benefit my people.”

I sat there, mulling over what he said. The happiness I felt in his voice and the conviction he displayed, all reassured me that he wasn’t lying or deceiving himself.

“Can anyone apply go to that school?”

Maul thought about it for a second. “You have to get an invite. You may ask the emperor or any of his trusted advisors. But it will be up to him to accept you.”

“Rito-kun, what’s wrong?” Haruna’s voice broke through our conversation. Rito was hardly eating. Instead, he was propping his head with one hand and playing with his okayu.

“I’m just thinking of what Gid said to me,” he said, “Am I really so useless? Am I so undeserving of Lala’s affections? What have I done to make Gid hate me so much?”

Yami spoke first, “If you had asked me those questions a month ago, I would have said that yes. You were not the person you are today. You use to shy away from everything, like any random girls that talked to you. You used to go about your life, not caring about the greater things happening around you. A month ago, I would never have liked you in the way I like you today.”

Her eyes met Rito’s and she smiled. “You’ve changed so much since then.”

Then, Selphie spoke. “My husband doesn’t hate you. He has always been the brash hothead, going out of his way to make the whole universe no his name. When he heard how Lala chose to marry you, I think he was confused. Why hadn’t she picked someone more like him? Why had she gone for an unknown suitor from an obscure corner of his realm?”

Maul nodded in agreement. “You are Princess Lala’s chosen mate. I’ve known the princess all her life. There’s no way she would choose you if you were truly worthless.”

“Honestly, I think Papa is jealous of you,” Momo said next. “You are the polar opposite of him. You are much more reserved than him, and you don’t go looking for a fight like he does. Yet, you’ve managed to cultivate so much loyalty.” She smirked at him. “As it turns out, I don’t even need to lift a finger to build you a harem. You’ve done it all on your own, just by have so much more confidence.”

“He is proud of you, though he tries not to show it,” Maul said, “You showed true courage and strong leadership. You’ve pulled off some spectacular maneuvers to save the ones you love.”

“Yeah, oni-chan,” I said, “Don’t worry so much about how others see you. You yourself know what you’ve accomplished in these past weeks.

Rito looked at all of us, and smiled. “Thanks everyone.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and a messenger was let in. The deviluke soldier marche in and kneeled before the table.

“Excuse me, your highness,” he said, bowing, “His majesty has called for you, and asks that you join him in the great hall.”

Selphie-san nodded. “Tell my husband that I shall be in his presence soon.”

The soldier bowed again, then got up and left the chamber.

The queen stood up then. “You are free to explore the palace grounds,” She said to us, “Although, you aren’t allowed in the throne room, I shall send for a servant to guide you through the side passageways.”

“Maul-san, if you would please.”

Maul, too rose from his seat and escorted the Queen through the doorway.

That was the last we saw of the queen. Since then, we’ve scattered throughout the palace. Momo and Haruna have gone outside to walk among the gardens. Ever since yesterday, they’ve become much closer to each other. Rito and Yami have disappeared somewhere, too. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy in the library. There are so many books in that room, and there seems to be sort of universal translator that grants me access to the whole mountain of knowledge. I’ve been reading all morning!

Unfortunately for me, there are no windows, and the hot sun has made the whole room like a sauna, and now, I am all gross and sticky!

I think I’ll go for a bath.



Ch.51: Risa’s Diary 2: The Pighunt

Stardate 1370.09

Fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream. There aren’t any beasts to be afraid of on this island!

At least that’s what I told myself when I followed Mea through the woods, crashing through the foliage in search of said “beast”. Whatever it was, it had captured Mikado-sensei and Lunatique-sensei, and they were in great danger.

At least that’s what Mea said.

“I’m certain the Beast has them now,” she said as she ran, “We need to find her before it’s too late!”

“Oh honestly!” Yui sighed exasperatedly as she ran behind us. The conch was tucked beneath her arms. “I’ve had enough of your shameless prank!” she snapped, “There’s no such thing as a ‘Beast’! We should go back to the ship and sleep! I’m sure we’ll see Mikado-sensei Lunatique-sensei in the morning!”

But Mea wasn’t listening. She was sprinting at break-neck speed, hooting and hollering while brandishing her meter-long stick.

Soon, she had left all the others in her dust, and only me and Mio were able to keep up. None of us wanted go stop or going back for them, but we were having too much fun to care!

Meanwhile, the redhead had fallen into a trance, and was chanting under her breath as she ran.

“Fuck the beast! Spill her Juices! Make her cum!”

Her laughter became a feral snarl. Her long red braid slashed through her clothes, and they fell off her body in rags.

“Fuck the beast! Stab her deep! Make her squeal!”

We were alone and free! Nobody was there to tell us what to do! It was just me, Mio, and Mea running and screaming. The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy sees, and our naked skins were like sculptured marble bathed in silver and white. We were chanting and running, running, running. We were chanting and running all through the woods.

We burst through some foliage and found ourselves in a clearing. There, we came upon a big white tree with leaves as big as my body. Hanging from a bough, naked and blindfolded was a woman with short auburn hair. Mikado-sensei squirmed as the rope binding her body dug into her skin. Her cheeks were rosy, and her skin glistened in the darkness. Her nipples were stiff and hard, and they rose and fell with each labored breath.

Mea clicked her tongue as she approached. “We’re too late! The Beast has gotten to her!”

I turned to look behind us. None of the others had appeared. It seems that they had been separated from us.

With her stick, the redhead prodded Mikado-sensei, lifting up her breasts and then letting them drop. Mikado-sensei moaned lustfully, her legs rubbing against each other. Mea circled around the nurse, tugging at the chord, and Mikado-sensei cried out each time in delicious agony. Mea smirked as she watched her victim squirm. Mikado-sensei’s pussy was now damp with moisture. Then, redhead pressed her stick between the legs, letting the rough wood rub against the sensitive folds.

We watched as Mikado-sensei’s legs closed around the stick, pushing it even harder against herself, and her juices flowed down the wooden shaft. I felt my own nether region swell and moisten. Mio was already touching herself, desperate to find release.

Mikado-sensei was helpless to stop her abuser. She bit her pretty pink lips as each stroke brought her closer to climax.

But then, Mea stopped. She stepped back, and yanked her stick away.

“No!” Mikado-sei cried out, “Please…I…d—t…want… more! Please… N…more!”

She squirmed in her bondage, rubbing herself against the rough chords. I reached up and groped for her breasts, letting my fingers sink into the flesh. Mikado-sensei moaned as I squeezed around her areoles. I leaned in close and let my tongue play with the rubbery end.

Suddenly, I felt something soft and wet invade my own vaginal space. Looking down, I found Mio crouched beneath me, licking my sensitive folds. I moaned loudly as her fingers pumping her in and out of me. I grabbed onto Mio’s head to push her closer and cried out as her lips closed around my clit.

I let my own fingers rub against Mikado-sensei’s pussy, feeling the rough folds part to reveal the inner wetness. My fingers curled around the mound and plunged deep into her hot depths. Immediately, her body was gripped by spasms and jets of hot fluid shot out from her pussy.

There was a flash of red, and suddenly, Mikado-sensei dropped to the ground. With another flick of her long braid, Mea cut all rope except for the chords wrapping around Mikado-sensei’a hands. Mea circled around her prey, who was now facing the ground with her glistening pussy held in the air.

“Fuck the beast! Spill her Juice! Make her cum!”

We joined her in a tight circle, dancing and chanting around our prey.

“Make her cum! Fuck the beast! Stab her deep! Make her squeal!!”

Mea’s cries rose into a fevered pitch, and she went around and around and around!

“Spill her Juice! Make her cum! Stab her deep!”

Mea twirled her stick around and plunged one end deep into the victim’s pussy. Mikado-sensei squealed and blundered into me. We collapsed on the ground with her on top, straddling my waist. Her blindfold fell off, yet she barely registered my presence.

Mea grabbed the far end of the stick and pressed it against herself. Then, she crouched down with her legs spread apart so that the blunt end slid easily into her vagina.

Twin cries of raw ecstasy filled my ears as the joined girls pushed and pulled against each other. Mea grabbed onto the thick shaft in the middle and pumped vigorously until bother women were screaming. Mikado-sensei’s hot breath bathed me in hot clamminess. Her eyes, heavy and drooped, focused on me, and soon, we were in each other’s arms, our tongues locked in heated battle.

Behind her, I saw Mea collapsed on the ground, giving in the carnal delight. Mio on top of her, and her hand was a blur, pumping the stick savagely.

Mikado sensei’s let out a guttural growl as her back suddenly arched upward. The stick in her pussy was now going in and out at such a speed that I couldn’t see the grains in the wood. I pressed my own body against hers, sucking on her swollen boobs while my fingers played with her clit. Her low growl rose up into a shrill screech. Her body was seized by violent contractions, and hot juices shot from her pussy.

It took a while, for Mikado-sensei to come down from her high. She slumped against my chest, still enthralled in her afterglow. Over her shoulder I watched as Mea came next. Mio’s work with the wooden stick sent ripples of pleasure through the redhead’s body. Her back was arched, and she was still squirting fluids everywhere. Mio got to her feet, watching her victim twitch and squirm with each contraction.

Suddenly, a loud “AUUUOOOOO” erupted from somewhere near the coastline. The loud conch was summoning us back to the beach, where the whole mess started.

We lifted Mikado-sensei to her feet. She gripped onto our shoulders; her legs was too tired to hold her own weight. Turning our heads around, we saw Mea lying on the ground. She was still sprawled on the ground, riding out her high. We had left the stick planted in her pussy, and it wobbling absurdly with each and every convulsion.

Unable to carry her and Mikado-sensei together, Mio and I resolved to get Mikado-sensei home first. So we left the redhead alone, hoping that we could send others back out to get her.

That was last night. The bright sun, the whelming sea and sweet air was good and playtime was so full of life that our plight in the night was almost forgotten. Now, we were back on the beach—Mio and me lying in the surf kissing and playing with each other.

Yet still, a specter is haunting us. The group that went out to bring Mea back has gone missing, and Lunatique-sensei was still nowhere to be found. If I blow the conch and they don’t come back, then maybe the beast really does exist.

Only problem is, Yui-san has been holding onto it for forever. Come to think of it, she seems to have grown attached to the thing, ever since the very beginning, when the rule of the conch was first established. Also, I haven’t had the chance to mess with her, at all, and she remains ever so restrained!

I wonder what would happen if I stole the conch from her…

Ch.50: Letter from the royal chambers

Stardate 1370.00 
Hii! It’s Lala again!

It’s already midnight, and everybody has gone to bed. By now most of the guests have left, and I will soon be going back upstairs and tuck into my bed with my Rito-kun. I was so happy when he finally came. To finally see him again and to feel his arms wrapped around me, I was over the moon!

I knew that he had arrived when Zastin appearing during the afternoon court. Unfortunately, Rito and the others had gotten into some trouble, and I wasn’t able to see him until much later.

He came in the evening during the dinner party. The guests from all over had gathered to taste the foods and wines of the empire. They were reclined on couches, mingling, eating and watching the show. Blue-skinned dancers from the planet Na’vi performed for the court, moving their bodies to the music of horns and pipes. Servants came and went, bearing trays of food and flagons of wine.

He appeared wearing one of father’s clothing. A white toga draped across his shoulders and a red sash was tied around his waist. Then, I saw ornate ribbon of gold wrapped around hand, with a large red gem sitting in the middle of his palm.

Yami and Mikan had come with him, too. Mother must have spent so much time decorating them. Both were richly dressed blue and yellow in dresses made of fine silk, and both were so adorned with so much silver bangles, earrings, and necklaces that they shimmered whenever they moved.

When they appeared, I saw him and screamed out his name.

I leapt up from my seat and threw myself into his arms.

Soon, we were both on the ground, and I was kissing him hard.

Everyone had fallen silent. The music had stopped and everyone was gawking at us.

I couldn’t care less, though. The boy I had waited for all day was finally here!

I pulled Rito to his feet and then announced our betrothal right then and there. Most of the hall was cheering, though I could see some whispering to each other. The rumors of my chosen suitor had been spreading all week, but no one had recognized Rito as my choice. We sat down together on my couch, and we ate from the same plate.
When the wine came, I let him drink from my cup.

I had my servants bring out more couches, and motioned Yami and Mikan to sit with us. Together, we talked about everything that happened during the week. Mikan in particular was gushing about the spaceport and the many residents that lived and worked inside. I was so happy that she found the place so beautiful. I had designed the place myself, hoping that it would be a better place for all the civilizations in the collective to trade ideas and beliefs as well as goods and services. I wanted to cultivate a single identity that all part of the empire could relate to, something so much greater that its constituent parts.

Once the second hour to midnight struck, the four of us left the party. We got to my room, and we all sat by the fire to talk some more.
Yami told me everything. She told me how they had uncovered a coup to destroy my family. She talked about how Nana came in the night to warn them about conspiracies within the palace, and she talked about the attack Momo had thwarted at the cost of her innocence. Then she told me about the midnight odyssey, how Rito had travelled through the night to get his crew to safety. 

We talked long into the night, long after Rito fell asleep in my lap. I looked down at my beloved, stroking his hair. The boy must have been so exhausted after experiencing such a taxing day. He must have fought the exhaustion all night just so he could protect everyone, and then to immediately come here because he was worried about me!  

I love him so much!

I’m proud to call him my fiancé. Courage, dedication, panache, Rito has grown so much over these two weeks! I always knew that he had the greatness that he’s only just realized.

Everyone has gone to bed now, and it’s just me sitting by the fire with Rito’s head lying in my lap.

Tomorrow, we have so much to do!

Obviously, this growing conspiracy must be stopped, and of course, we have to go home soon.

For tonight, though, we are safe.

Ch.49: Momo’s Vlog 6

Stardate 1369.22

It’s late, and the others have gone. Rito is downstairs in the throne room, with Mikan and Yami by his side. Haruna’s here in another chamber, sleeping.

I can’t… can’t stop thinking about him… about the man I killed today.

He was going to shoot Rito! His Ma’Tok was already raised and he was aiming right at Rito’s back. I tried clubbing him first, swinging my own staff weapon around to hit him on the head, but the blow deflected off his helmet and he cried out in pain.Then he whirled around, and his staff came flying towards me.

I don’t remember when my hand squeezed on the trigger, but that a bolt of lightning pierced his armor and burned through his chest. Then he was flying back and crashing into Haruna.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen! I didn’t mean to shoot him! I didn’t mean to scare Haruna so much!

I just wanted to save Rito!

The look she gave me… the fear in her eyes! I’ll never forget it! Even now, she’s avoiding me… or is it me that’s avoiding her?

Everything’s all confused!

Ever since Nana was attacked, and I’ve been on edge. One thing I knew was that the guards were somehow corrupted. To have an assassin penetrate so deep into the palace, and for the guards to be so slow in their response… It couldn’t possibly be the result of mere incompetence.

I was so glad that Nana managed to escape, but I was more worried about my mom and my sister. All day, I waited for the worst.

This idea that palace guards might be in league with the attackers, plagued me all day, and I was so sure that something would happen again. I didn’t know how far the conspiracy had spread. So, I snuck into the guard house and disguised myself as one of them, hoping to hear anything.

Rito’s still downstairs right now, attending to court. I’m sure that it’s going to be a long night for him.

My sister is going to be announcing their nuptials tonight, but the rumors have been flying all week. When we first came home, the courtiers were already talking about the earthlings that could now travelling through space. Many assumed that Rito was just our bodyguard or servant that we had picked up,

That he is Lala’s pick for the next Demon King, would come as a shock for most of the empire. Certainly, this information has already been leaked to some, and I’m certain that it’s why Rito was attacked. This game they’re playing to get my father’s throne is getting dangerous, and they are feeling threatened by the boy I love so much.

Oh Rito! I’m so sorry for putting you in the thick of it all. Whatever they’re been plotting will be aimed at you!

Please be alright!

Ch.48: Kyouko’s Journal 2

Stardate 1368.20

Wandering across the island, Run and I reached the highest peak. We stood on the ridge and looked out to the sea. It was such a picturesque vista, that we just had to take tons of pictures.

On the way down, we met up with Nana trekking towards up, wearing nothing but a blue tank top, jeans, and a floppy straw hat. As soon as she saw us, she waved and called to us.

I thought it strange that she was all alone, since she had gone into the woods in a group. Somehow, they had been separated along the way. Lunatique-sensei had disappeared first, and then they split up to look for her.

“And now, I don’t know where anybody is,” Nana said to me, “I don’t even know where I am, anymore.”

We agreed to take her back to camp. The sun was low by the time we got back, and we found that Mikado-sensei was gone too. Curious, we decided to call a meeting.

Nana blew on the conch and everybody were draw together. Risa and Mio appeared together. Both were naked and wet, and the afternoon sun glistened off their skin. As soon as Yui saw them, she blew up on them.

“Oh honestly! What is wrong with you? How can you two be so shameless!”

“What’s the problem? There’s only girls around.”

“You are very aware that that wasn’t just you being naked. The both of you were just…”

Realizing what she was about to say, Yui stopped, and her face was beet red.

Risa smirked, leaning in so her breast dangled in the air.  “Yes? Go on! What were we doing?”

“L-l-lying in the m-m-m-middle of-of the b-beach and tou-touching each other… have you no shame!”

“Says the girl who was watching the whole time.

Without warning she clasped Mio around the waist and kissed her hard.

Yui was gnashed her teeth. She stomped the ground, kicking up some sand.

“I was not watching you! Go put your clothes back on this instant!”

Risa broke away from Mio. She pulls on one eye lid and stick out her tongue

“You don’t hold the conch! You can’t tell us what to do.”

Yui stooped, picked up a stone, threw it at Risa-San. Risa shrank away, but the stone bounced four meters to her right and fell into the water. Yui threw it to miss as something invisible yet strong, was holding her back. The two girls looked at each other, baffled.

Then Nana twisted and blew on the conch again.

“The rules!” She shouted, “you’re all breaking the rules! I have the conch, so everyone else be quiet!”

The others obeyed, though the air was thick with unspoken knowledge. Yui and Risa stood side-by-side, not willing to look at each other.

Nana piped up. “Alright girls, listen up! Mikado-sensei, Mea-San and Lunatique-Sensei have all disappeared, and I’m getting worried. I’m going back in there to find them, and I want you all to help me.”

She gave me half dozen wooden sticks with twigs and leaves wrapped around one end.

“Kyouko-San,” she said, “it’s gonna get dark soon, can you light these torches for us?”

But before I could take them, there was a commotion. We heard some rattling of leaves, and then Mea suddenly burst out, panting.

“Everyone! Help! Mikado-sensei is in trouble! The Beast has taken her!”

Before anyone could react, she threw us some long wooden sticks with a blunt rubbery end.

“Follow me!” She cried, “and lets go kill the Beast!”

Ch.47: Risa’s Diary 1: Rule of the Conch

Stardate 1368.20

Ah! Today was so much fun! I spent the whole morning playing in the surf with Mio. None of us had brought any swimwear, but since there was only us girls around, it didn’t matter. It felt so good to be so unrestricted.

We wanted Yui to join in, but she refused. Instead, she stayed on the beach, lying beneath the umbrella that Mikado-sensei had erected.

After Rito and the others left in such a hurry, the rest of us were left with nothing to do. Mikado-sensei called us out for a meeting so we could decide together.

When all of us had gathered, she pulled out a pink conch shell as big as her head. She placed the butt end against her mouth and a long-drawn-out blast.

“This is our island,” she said, “And it is a good island. Until Rito and the others come back, we can relax and have some fun.”

“But we’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages.” She held the shell over her head. “If you have an idea of what we can do, come to the middle and hold this in your hands. Only the one who holds the shell may speak to the rest of us.”

Yui was the first to take the shell. She stood in the middle, calm and erect.

“I still can’t believe that we really travelled in space. I still think that this is all part of some shameless prank. I don’t really care anymore, and I want to go home.”

Next to go up was Nana-San. She picked up the shell and held it high in the air.

“I’ve never been outside of the palace before. This is such a beautiful island, and it must have lots of interesting animals,” she cried, “I want to go explore, so raise your hand if you want to come with me, come with me.”

Mea, and Tearju-sensei both volunteered to join with her, but no one else raised their hands.

I was next to take up the conch. Raising the shell in the air, I said that I wanted to stay and play on the beach. “I don’t have beach towels or the any other beach stuff, but I’m sure we could find something on the ship.”

The majority of the girls sided with me, including of course Mio. Kyoko and Run both joined us in staying on the beach, but as soon as everyone broke up, they ran off without saying anything to us.

Mikado-sensei went and pulled out some umbrellas and towels, so we could lay on the beach. Yui laid down in full clothing, but I was just too antsy to wait.

Mio was chasing me through the surf, naked as the day she was born. Her nipples were stiff peaks and her skin sparkled with water droplets. The ocean mist drenched us from head to toe, but we were having too much fun to care. I let her tackle me, and we fell into the foaming sea. The boiling waves reached up to my ears and soaked into my hair, but she was on top of me, tickling me. I dipped my fingers deep into her vagina, and I heard her sudden cry.

Her legs fought against me, struggling to get up, but my arm was around her waist, clamping her down against me. I felt her tongue enter my folds, and her lips close on my clit. I moaned, unable to contain my pleasure Then, she stopped, and slipped out of my grasp. She rose to her knees, and pulled me up as well.

She kissed me, her warm tongue invading my mouth. We knelt in the surf, face to face, and we kept touching each other. Her fingers were in my pussy, moving up and down, and I did the same to her. Her voice rose into a feverish pitch, until she was all but screaming. I felt my own body reacting to her, and the wave of pleasure wash over me. We collapsed in the water as we climaxed together, and our juices fed into the sea.

We lay in the surf, letting the waves cover us. We kissed and we talked about everything that had happened so far. I talked about Rito, and she talked about Maul. We teased each other, and then we were kissing each other.

Yui-san was watching us, though she tried desperately to hide behind her book. I could see her eyes peeking over the edge, only to retreat when she noticed me staring.

I know that she’s interested. She was there with me and Momo that night after our rescue. Though she didn’t join us in repaying Rito, I know she never left. She had been watching me and Momo have sex with Rito, just as she was watching me and Mio today. She’s still a virgin in every sense of that word, and I doubt that she has even tried to please herself.

I whispered these things to Mio, asking her to help me. Maybe we could break her inhibitions together, and help her overcome this wall of fear.


Ch.46: The Queen’s Solar

Captain’s Log

Stardate 1368.18

I haven’t made a recording in a long time, so here we go.

Coming to the capital and seeing Lala’s homeworld for the first time wasn’t something that I ever dreamed of ever doing. The journey was so much fun, from start to finish, and I gained whole new perspective on how I truly lived in such a protective bubble. It makes me want to explore so much more!

Since our stay at the spaceport, however, I’ve got the impression that something big is brewing around my friends. Between the possible coup and the disappearance of Gid, I feel like we’ve landed in some hot water. Not to mention the way we were greeted at the palace entrance was highly unusual. We were so lucky to have Momo to protect us from that guard. If she wasn’t there, I would have surely been killed. Yami-san was quick to push me away, but even she could not have noticed when the guard pointed that weapon at us.

I should clarify what I mean.

When Zastin dropped us off in the palace courtyard, Momo and that other guard was there to greet us. Momo was dressed in armor, so at first we didn’t know it was her. We had to climb these steps to get to the entrance. I went up first, and Yami, Mikan and Sairenji―er―I mean Haruna came up behind me. Momo and the guard were behind all of us, so there was no way for us to know.

She hit the guard on the head just as he was about to shoot me. The bolt of lightning passed over my shoulder, and hit on the wall in front of me. Yami-san quickly pushed me away, and Mikan turned to shoot back. The guard had spun around and swung his weapon to deliver a savage blow. Momo ducked just in time, but her helmet got knocked off, revealing her flowing pink hair. Before the guard could react, she slammed into his gut, driving him away. Then, she aimed and fired, and the bolt of lightning hit him square in the chest.

Momo saved us. I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t there. I certainly would be around to talk about it. She sure scared Haruna, though. The dead guard landed on top her, and they both fell on the ground. Having Momo standing over her with that staff weapon still sparking was too much. It was the loudest scream I had ever heard Haruna scream. We all went down there to somehow calm her down. Mikan and Yami got to her first, and they held her tightly in their arms. I could hear Haruna sobbing, as her hands dug into Yami’s arms.

Momo could barely stand. Her whole body was shaking, and her eyes were wide and unfocused. “I-I-I n-never wanted…he-he was going to hurt you, and I didn’t think…”

The weapon fell from her hands and she collapsed onto the floor. She gripped the sides of her head and screamed.

“Oh my god! What have I done!”

Suddenly, her mouth was bulging out. Her arms wrapped around her waist, she doubled over and spat out globs of bile.

“How could I—noooo! He was gonna hurt you and I…”

And then she was crying. Fat rivulets fell from her eyes and dribbled onto the ground.

I couldn’t bear seeing her like this. I could only imagine how much she was suffering. I gathered her in my arms and held onto her tightly. I could feel the warm tears soaking into my shirt, but I didn’t care.

Momo stayed huddled in a ball, and she buried her head deeper into my arms. I waited as her sobs turned into quiet sniffles. I kept rocking back and forth, whispering things into her ear, like “It’s okay.” and “There, there.”

Looking over Momo’s shoulder, I could see Yami and Mikan comforting Haruna. She was starting to calm down, and her grip on Yami had loosened.

We stayed like that for a long time. I don’t even know how long it was before more guards showed up. Cold dread filled my heart, and I thought that they were going to kill us.

Fortunately, they were friendly to us, “Her royal highness commanded us to escort you. She got wind of touble brewing, and had sent us to get you.”

“Thank you,” I said to the guards, and I gathered Momo in my arms. I saw Haruna helped to her feet with Mikan and Yami.s support. Together, we hobbled over to the guards and then followed them up through the palace.

We were taken up to the foyer where two turbolifts waited for us. They were far more ornate than the little turbolift in our own ship, and they travelled much farther through many more floors. I would be remiss if I said that I didn’t enjoy the view, but the weight in my arms kept me rooted in reality. Something was clearly wrong with the palace. The attack at the entrance was a clear sign of that.

The guards around me showed clear signs of fear. Though they whispered to themselves, I could see the fear in them. Gid’s absence was weighing down on all of them, especially because of how unusually late it was. They all knew that the emperor routinely skipped his duties to go out and play, but this time, his disappearance was dragging on for too long. I didn’t get much else from the guards, because by then, we had arrived.

The two doors slid opened, and the guards led us out into a well-lit circular room with a glass dome that let in natural light. Sitting in the middle of that room was the Queen herself. Sephie Michaela, first Princess of Charmian and Queen of Deviluke greeted us with a smile. So beautiful was she that we all fell to our knees as soon we laid eyes on her.

“Rise my dears, there’s no need to be so formal. We are friends and equals.”

“Selphie-san,” I started to say, but she silenced me with a smile.

“I know what has happened to you. My daughter is experiencing the grief that comes when one kills for the first time.”

“She saved m-us.” I stammered as I laid Momo at her feet, “If it wasn’t for her, we surely would have died.”

“I am aware of that.” Said the Queen, turning to look on the others. “These are dark times for all of us. In the past, Gid’s power was what kept this empire together. Our enemies chafe under his control. They yearn for liberty but was stopped by fear.” She sighed, “Gid rules with his fist, yet he is not infallible. Sooner or later, they will succeed in defeating him.”

She let out another sigh, ragged and tired.

“But let’s not dwell in these things for now.” She stood and rang a bell. Two handmaidens appeared with their heads bowed.

“Take my daughter to her room,” Selphie said, “Let her be in the company of her friends.”

They bowed. One carried Momo in her arms while the other ushered the girls away.

“Where is Lala,” I asked when the others were gone. Selphie sat back down. “She is in the throne room attending to court.

“But you don’t look so well, yourself, young man.”

She rang the bell again, and another maid came in.

“This young man needs a wash. Please show him to the baths.”

“I’m fine,” I stammered back as I was led away, “I’m more worried about the others.”

“Don’t be,” said Selphie, “You are in safe company.”

That was two hours ago. Since then, I haven’t seen anyone yet. This bath feel so good, though! I haven’t had a decent soak in weeks. After everything that happened today, this is so relaxing!

Anyway, looks like I’ve rambled long enough, and it’s time to get out. I want to go see what Lala is up to.

Bye for now.